Sensory Rich Experiences


Children are wired to explore and they learn best through multi-sensory experiences. This is because multi-sensory experiences are satisfying. They are soothing. They refine motor skills. They even improve language skills. For example, the best way to teach descriptive words such as “wet” and “dry” is while your child can actually FEEL and HEAR (the drips/splashes) and SEE and, yes, maybe even TASTE the difference. 

With many senses engaged, children stay focused longer because they are using their senses to examine the materials. They are discovering, labeling, and categorizing the materials. They are figuring out how things work and starting to make sense of their world.

Sensory tubs are easy to create. Simply put water, ice, bubbles, sand, cereal, cooked noodles, corn meal, etc. into a dish tub. Add little things like scoops, sponges, spoons, forks, or tiny toys that can be found on the playroom floor or bottom of the toy box.

Then, the next time you want to get dinner made in peace, put out a sensory rich experience to create some quiet time for you and active learning time for your child.