How to Grow a Nature-Lover


If children do not spend time with nature, why would they ever want to take care of it?

5 Tips to Help Raise a Nature-Lover:

  • Teach your child to notice nature. Right before this photo was taken, we noticed the leaves were curled and the soil was very dry. I explained these were two signs the plants were thirsty. “What should we do to help?” The children suggested immediately that we give them water and were super excited to take on the responsibility!

  • Being outside can change or avoid a sour mood, so on a daily basis, BUT ESPECIALLY if you or your child are starting to feel a little cranky, just open the door and walk. Pick a destination and walk to the same spot each time. This creates a tradition. 

  • Since you are going to the same spot every time, let your child be the guide. Help her notice the landscape. We turn left when we get to the big boulder and then right by the evergreen tree. This is an easy way to give her some control and will help her gain confidence.

  • Go outside at night! It’s a whole new world in the dark. Take a flashlight and go slow. Star gaze along the way.

  • Spend some of the time in silence. Let your child move away from you to a spot of his choosing and just sit quietly. Resting in nature is grounding. On your walk home, you can pick up the conversation again.

These simple things don’t have to take a long time, they just need to be repeated, and making a habit of doing them will help your child and YOU glean the benefits that nature provides.