Make Time to Play

Don't you think it's important to continue to play no matter how old you are?


I never want to "grow up" if it means I have to stop playing... and learning. We learn best when we're naturally curious and curiosity guides play.

Children learn all about their world when they are playing. In my opinion, that should never stop. Ever!  One of the things I do to stay playful is take online art classes. I love them! I can watch the lessons whenever it's convenient (so no excuses that I don't have the time). Plus, the classes challenge me creatively and nudge me to put my work out into the world, which typically makes me uncomfortable.

And... since I'm a big believer in being brave and pushing through what feels uncomfortable, I am sharing this bold blooms piece I created. 

Set a playful example for your children. Take an art or cooking class, learn to play an instrument, take Taekwondo- whatever interests you!  MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF and let your children see your playful side.