A 15 Minute Adventure


According to Richard Louv, author and journalist who has written several books after spending years investigating children and their relationship with the natural world, says "When reminiscing with their families about childhood memories, grown children seldom mention the best day they spent watching TV or playing a video game. Among the memories they do recall, if they’re lucky enough to have had such experiences with their families, are outdoor adventures—even if they complained loudly about such outings at the time."                                                                

These adventures can start by simply opening your front door and going for a walk around the block. No strollers... a walk (as soon as your child can toddle). 15 minutes. That's it!

Of course, if you are feeling more adventurous, look for a green space or a state park near you.  

Either way, while outside, let your little ones explore. Go slow. Let them start and stop, stray and climb. When you slow down, you notice so much more! Did you know that much of Mother Nature's climbing equipment, like boulders or driftwood, is made up of curves, so if children fall they are more apt to roll, causing fewer injuries? So, can you spare 15 minutes for a little adventure that could possibly become a big childhood memory?