Open-Ended Play


When my boys were little, their ZOLO toy set was a BIG hit in our house. It provided not only hours of fun, but years of fun! Why did it stand the test of time? Why did it remain fun? Why was it a toy that my boys went back to over and over? Why did it never get old?

Just LOOK! Oh, the colors, the shapes, the textures, the endless possibilities!!!!

It remained a hit, because there was not just ONE way to play with it. This toy is open-ended. It ignites the imagination! It allows children to think out of the box, to make choices, to become flexible and motivated by their inner inspiration. That’s the beauty of tapping into and expressing creativity, right? There are no creative limitations with open-ended play, and this is how children learn best! Dare I say adults, too?! Yes! I think so!  

Does your family have a favorite toy? What is it and why do you love it so much?