Messy Play

I’m certain all parents want to raise smart children who love to learn, but just how do you do that?

Advertisers would claim that you need to buy their “educational” toys or apps, with all the bells and whistles, so that children can get started young and don’t get left behind! Early childhood educators would say, “Whoa!!!!! Not so fast!”


Children need to touch, taste, listen, smell, and view their world in a concrete way FIRST in order to gain a deeper understanding that they can carry with them as they grow. And the best way to support that learning is through messy play! Take the word STICKY, for instance. You can tell a child about sticky- tape is sticky, glue is sticky- but wouldn’t it be better to hand them long pieces of tape or the back of contact paper and really SHOW them sticky! That simple multi-sensory experience would explain more in just seconds than any verbal description or colorful animation could.

Want to help to increase your child’s vocabulary? Let them get messy.

Want to help to improve their physical abilities? Let them get messy.

Want to help to strengthen their math skills? Let them get messy.

Want to help to enhance their ability to problem-solve? Let them get messy.

Want to help to develop their imaginations? Let them get messy.

Want to help to build their independence? Let them get messy. 

Want to help to raise children who become lifetime learners? Ignite their senses! Let them GET MESSY!

And I highly recommend it for adults, too!