Okay, so I know this photo isn't the best, but we were having the BEST time celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary back in December! We were standing in a garden in downtown St. Augustine, FL and there were colorful twinkle lights floating all around us. It was beautiful. 

We are nature-lovers, so for our anniversary we stayed at an airbnb on a small farm with no tv and very sketchy wifi. Our phones worked in case of an emergency, but that was it. 

What they DID have were two donkeys (SO cute!!!!!), some ducks, trees filled with a large assortment of wild birds who took turns sharing the bird feeder, a trail, and a firepit that provided our entertainment for the night.

We sat by the fire with a bottle of wine. Ron played guitar, and we talked, reminisced, and dreamed about the future for hours. 

It made me think... we were experiencing live (a crackling fire, soft rain, gentle bird chirping) what people download apps like CALM to experience. It felt truly nourishing to slow down and unplug. It was hard to remember the last time we had, but I'm so glad we did.

How about you? How do you fit in time to nourish your adult relationships? And, just curious... what's the longest stretch of time you've spent away from your emails, texts, and social media?