PUPPETS!!! When was the last time you played with one? If you have children, you should DEFINITELY have puppets around the house. There are so many benefits to playing with them!

1. Puppets promote language development. Not only do children use their speaking skills when they become the character, but they’ll practice listening if you join in with your own character. It’s the perfect way to introduce and practice taking turns in a conversation.

2. Children are often more comfortable talking to a puppet, so if you are asking your children to open up and express their feelings, grab a puppet, change your voice, and ask away!

3. Puppets help teach positive behavior! When a child is having struggles during a tricky stage of development, use a puppet to reinforce the rules. Have the puppet misbehave and then ask your child to show the puppet the right thing to do. Children have a way easier time remembering the rules when their strong emotions are not involved.  

4. Puppets encourage creativity! Make-believe play ignites the imagination and helps children gain an understanding of fantasy vs. reality.  

5. But the most important reason to have puppets in the house is because they’re FUN!!!