A few years ago, Ron and I decided to try to improve our health by changing our diets. We took the plunge into a plant-based way of life. We MADE the commitment and stuck with it until it became easy. We weren’t sure if it would be the right decision (Though, it didn’t hurt that even our pans were happy for us!), but it wound up being one of the best commitments we ever made to ourselves. 

Your self-care is more important than ever when you decide to start a family, so why is it often the first thing that gets gets tossed in the trash along with the very first dirty diaper? We get so busy meeting the needs of our little humans, we simply don’t have time to meet our own. 

I’m here to tell you, YOU MUST MAKE THE TIME! Remember... your behavior sets the example for your entire family. 

Look closely at your schedule. See what you can say no to on occasion, so you can say YES to yourself and your partner. Make the time to MAKE A COMMITMENT to your own health- physically and psychologically!!! Whether it’s a dietary change like us or it’s simply scheduling alone time or a monthly date night, don’t feel guilty to do right by YOU! Take one tiny step. 

Are you someone who has made the commitment to fit in self-care? Share your secrets!