We Are Our Choices


We are our choices. Ron and I try to live with this in mind every day, so when we had children it became our family’s mantra. Our boys would often scoff whenever we said this to them, because it made them have to stop and think; it held them responsible if they tried to take the easy way out. In full disclosure, I have to admit, they’ve called US out (albeit with an exaggerated nasally voice and some finger wagging) when we’ve tried to do the same. 

Choices. Some are big; some are small, but they all guide us and give us control throughout our day. So, what happens when things spin out of our control? When life doesn’t go our way?

STOP. BREATHE. REMEMBER. We are our choices. 

When things get out of our control, we get to CHOOSE how to deal with them. We have that power! It requires searching for ways, tiny ways, to be grateful, be accountable, and move forward.

Sometimes we give too much power to the things that happen to us, especially the negative things. Negativity can push us down. It can get into our heads and make us think we’re helpless. What a bully! If we brush away those thoughts and stand up to negativity, we will get all of our power back. Overcoming negativity is difficult, but 100% doable with the right mindset!!

The way we talk to ourselves matters. Positive self-talk is critical. I’m not saying just think positively and everything will magically work out. NO! You have to go deep- think about what you value, what you want, and look for ways to work at getting there. We are our choices. We all have the built-in ability to flourish under tough circumstances. We are all capable of rebounding. Where we land depends on the choices we make. 

People who CHOOSE to move through tough times by taking responsibility for their choices and actions, claim adversity improves their lives. People who CHOOSE to avoid tough times by getting distracted or blaming others revoke their power and get stuck. They remain unhappy. 

It’s hard to choose your way back into control, and you may need to choose support sometimes, but you can do it! And if you do, the best part is your children will be more likely to choose to follow you and your positive example!