A Special Day


I had the privilege of attending Chris Ulmer’s keynote address yesterday at a local educational conference. What an opportunity! What a guy! What an emotional day!

Chris began his career as a teacher of children with special needs. He helped his students tell their personal stories through books, but then began documenting his student’s stories through short videos. He asked one simple question. “What do you want the world to know about you?” These video clips repeatedly revealed the truth: that no matter the what the diagnosis or what these children look like on the outside, they are still funny, smart, loving, emotional human beings who want to be loved and socially connected just like we do!! 

Chris’s mission is to normalize the diversity of the human condition. He knows that ALL people deserve smiles and touch and attention. He reminds us that ALL people deserve compliments and to be treated with kindness, and most important, that ALL people can grow and flourish if they are truly seen and accepted. What an honor it was to hear him talk! If you haven’t had the chance, you can find him on every form of social media.