Life Lessons


I wanted to recommend this little treasure of a book created by sisters Kirsten and Carin Branson. THE YELLOW TUTU is about a little girl with a big imagination and what happens when her schoolmates tease her. I use this book in my preschool Friends Forever social skills class to open a conversation about the importance of using your imagination and being a unique thinker. It’s the perfect book to use to address peer pressure and encourage children to practice standing up for themselves and others. 

Children have an easier time sharing and learning when their big emotions are not involved, so it’s important to have conversations about tricky topics when they are calm. Try not to wait until they are in the middle of a conflict to address a topic like teasing. Be proactive. Set them up for success by finding storylines in books, cartoons, or movies and using them to prepare your children in advance. If they’ve already gone through a conflict, then wait until they feel calm and safe before talking about what they can do differently next time. Do you have a favorite children’s books that helps teach a life lesson?