Dear Parents

Dear Parents,


For all of you who are feeling inadequate, feeling like you’re in over your head at times or like you are screwing up your kids...good for you! 

Wait, what?!  Good for you? YES! In my experience I have found that the parents who judge themselves hard are the parents who are working the hardest to get it right. They may need a little work on their inner dialogue, but if they are self-aware enough to know that they need help, then their introspection will drive them to find answers.

So, if you think you are screwing up your kids or if you feel inadequate, flip your thinking. Give yourself a break and change your inner dialogue to more positive, healthy self-talk. 

Parenting is like walking a path that is filled with twists and turns. No one is completely prepared for what’s around the corner. There is not a parent on the planet who is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all wish we could have a do-over at times. 

When you recognize you are being challenged by your child’s developmental stage, don’t beat yourself up. Simply realize it is your responsibility to educate your way through the difficulty. Read. Ask. Practice. Create a strong support system filled with people who will walk the twisty path with you. Find someone older who can share sage parenting advice. Find parent peers who can relate to what you are going through, and then find someone younger who you can help to support. 

You’ve got this! Or better yet, WE’VE got this!

So who is your #1 go-to person? Who makes up your parenting support system?