Teachable Moments


Look at that “I can do it!” face. Now that’s what confidence looks like! 

I just had to post this PARENTING WIN that a dear friend shared with me. Her sweet little boy had just finished his lunch, and she went to unbuckle him and take him down. He wanted to re-buckle his seat himself. Since she wasn’t in a rush, she sat back down and let him work on it. (Brilliant move #1) She said she practically had to sit on her hands not to help him!! But she didn't. (Brilliant move #2) She said she could hear my voice in her head telling her to be patient and let him try. (❤️) So she just sat and watched. It was a little tricky for him but he did it! (👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽) That’s when he beamed his proud "I did it!" grin. 😁 They sat together for about 15-20 minutes as he buckled his seat and then had her unlatch it for him over and over and over. (Brilliant move #3) He got faster and faster at getting it hooked, and he got that huge grin every single time they heard that magical "click" sound of it latching. 


BRAVO, sweet friend! Way to be present in the moment and brilliant enough to take advantage of that teachable moment! Children learn best when they are naturally curious. This is a perfect example. 

Any other “teachable moment” success stories out there? We’d love to hear them.