Musical Connections

We sure enjoyed Caitlin and her dedicated mommy performing Caitlin’s original song, MY FAMILY at my husband Ron’s recital. At one point Caitlin quickly glanced at her mom and smiled. That sweet connection wasn’t accidental. It was created by the shared experience.

I’m so proud of my husband for creating these experiences, sharing his love of music, and helping his students realize their dreams of not only playing guitar, but entertaining a group as well. Playing music enriches Ron’s life, and he wants every single person he teaches to know what that feels like. He teaches guitar basics, sure, but he also teaches the joy that comes with songwriting, performing, and recording. Guitar has been a part of his life, professionally, since he was 17 years old, and I think his students can see that his talent is connected to his dedication. 


Learning to play an instrument has many cognitive benefits: improved memory, reading skills, concentration, etc., but what really struck me at this year’s recital, was how the work he’s been doing with these human beings supports all 12 of the healthy mindsets that make up Homegrown Happiness! 

While taking lessons, his students strengthen their self-worth, self-control, and confidence. They have to be patient and delay gratification as they learn their instruments, which works to strengthen their resilience. 

At the recital, meaningful connections popped up everywhere as brothers and sisters, parents and children, and teacher and students performed together. The students‘ optimistic attitudes encouraged them to take the stage, and their compassion filled the room with cheers, sending a little extra encouragement to those rattled by nerves. 

Every single student displayed creativity in the way they performed a classic or original song, and they all expressed their gratefulness to Ron for helping them purposefully accomplish their dream. 

I’m proud of each student (and their parents) for not giving up when the lessons got hard. I’m proud of Ron for continuing to teach year after year. Hard work pays off! We were all enriched and connected by music that day, and we were all filled with joy because of the shared experience.