I Like Myself

I love this little gem of a book by Karen Beaumont. In a very silly way, I LIKE MYSELF encourages children to remember to appreciate themselves for who they are on the inside, not just how they look on the outside. 


We all have value the minute we are born. Our worth comes from the fact that every single one of us is a unique human being. Our children should feel that they are important to our families the minute they arrive.  But how?!!

Every time we respond to their needs, smile while holding them, snuggle and read to them, or sing while changing their diapers, we let them know they matter.

When we pay attention to their positive, intrinsic qualities, such as being open-hearted, forgiving, curious, generous, etc., we place importance on WHO they are, rather than on how they look or what they do.

When speaking to your children, use your words wisely. The way you speak to them becomes the way they speak to themselves.