Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen


This!!! TRIANGLE, by the brilliant Mac Barnett and genius illustrator Jon Klassen, is one of my favorite, funny, children’s books available right now. It has stunning illustrations and a storyline that makes me laugh out loud! It is perfect for preschoolers. Klassen’s illustrations are so simple, but powerful... especially the page with no text. Just like in his book I WANT MY HAT BACK (another must-have), the pages with no text say the most! They are perfectly placed at the turning point of each story. You so clearly understand what the character is thinking, words are not necessary. It presents the perfect opportunity to ask children if they can put themselves in the character’s shoes and explain what they must be feeling.

I am happy to say that TRIANGLE is part of a trilogy from this award-winning duo. SQUARE comes out on May 8,  and CIRCLE comes out in 2019. I can’t wait to own the whole collection! I enjoy their clever work so much and hope you will, too!