Nature Walks


This photo brings me peace and makes me happy. I am grateful every single day for being able to get outside, sharpen my senses, and feel connected to my family and the earth. 

Before kids, my husband and I always made time to walk and talk, even if we had to get up early and go before work. Then, when our boys were born, we would pack up all the equipment and still get out there. We didn’t necessarily spend the time chatting. We were lost in our own thoughts at times, but we were together, sharing the experience. 

Nature walks are so beneficial. Green spaces make it easy to improve our physical and mental health, and nature walks activate learning and creativity. One of the first characters our oldest son ever created was a super hero named Nature Man, and our youngest son would hum tunes the minute he hopped on his bike. Being outside does that. It helps to organize the brain and opens up our ability to create. Now that the boys are grown and gone, Ron and I have come full circle, and it’s back to just the two of us. 

Sometimes I can’t wrap my mind around how quickly that happened! I just read something (not sure where- sorry!) that said, “We have only 18 summers with our children, so savor them.” You know it’s true! The time we have to raise our little people is limited and goes quickly. We are about to embark on summer. Hopefully, part of your plan is to savor as much as you can!