The Danish Way of Parenting


Have you had the chance to read THE DANISH WAY OF PARENTING? This book does its best to explain why people in Denmark have been voted the happiest people in the world for over 40 years! 

It is based on 6 P-A-R-E-N-T principles:


One big reason why the Danish way is such a happy way is because they have a practice called, hygge (sounds like hooga), which means “to cozy around together.” The idea is simple, and it is a valued way of living and raising a family in Denmark. 

Danish families MAKE time to sit with each other doing cozy things without distractions, interruptions, or fighting. They simplify their time together. They use things like candle light, tea, and good food to create a cozy atmosphere. It’s all about coziness and togetherness. They help each other prepare the food and then share in the clean up, so no one resents doing all the work. In this atmosphere, their children learn to help out, too. Their children don’t help because of some external motivator like an allowance or more screen time. They help out because it has been modeled for them. It has been valued as important. They know no other way. It is woven into their world as a way of life.

To be clear, Danes do not live in blissful ignorance. They have problems and chaos in their lives just like we do. It’s just that they CHOOSE to create hygge times as a way to connect and be in the moment with their loved ones. 

Do you have hygge in you life?