"Every Child is an Artist."


Picasso said, “Every child is an artist.” I believe that to be so true! With a little direction and a variety of materials, young children will get right to it. Creating comes naturally to them. 


Art brings out their individuality like no other activity. That’s what I enjoy the most! If you pay attention you can learn so much about a child by watching them create. Are they careful or carefree? Their line work will show you. Look for either precise strokes or wild strokes. Have they mastered their understanding of basic shapes? If so, more than likely, the shapes they know will appear on their canvas. Want to know their favorite color? Look to see what color they choose first. Do they mind getting paint on their hands? We encourage “messy,” and rejoice when a child is able to move past the distraction of messy hands and continue to enjoy the activity. We ask them to put all their energy into their work and they never disappoint! Their work becomes as beautiful and unique as they are.

In all my years of teaching art, when I put out materials, I’ve never heard a child say, “I can’t do it.” Why? Because there is no right or wrong to creating, only the freedom to experiment, and children understand that. They crave it! Their entire life experience is about testing and experimenting, but most of the time there is an adult guiding them, directing them, disciplining them. With art, they get to do things their way! What is more powerful than that?!