A Different Perspective


Have you ever taken a minute to consider life from your child’s point of view? I mean, literally. Have you ever gotten down, low to the ground, and looked around to see the world from their perspective? 

Imagine always having to crane your neck to look up when having a conversation. Imagine always having to take direction from someone who is towering over you. Imagine always having to walk double time to keep up with that towering figure. Think about the distance between your faces. A lot can get lost in that distance.

It’s important to keep this in mind and remember to get down to your child’s eye level often, if you really want to connect. Face to face communication with direct eye contact helps children feel safe and understood. They will be more willing to listen when they have your full attention. Squatting to their level accomplishes that. 

In my classroom, as the children enter, I like to be positioned on the carpet, sitting and waiting just for them!! They bounce in with smiles and hugs and more stories than we have time for. I don’t have to encourage engagement. Positioning myself at their level let’s them know I’m interested. It really takes just a minute and can easily become a habit, so next opportunity you have, plop down on the ground and enjoy!