Nature Scavenger Hunt


Looking for something to do with the family on the weekend? Something that doesn’t cost a thing? Something that will help your children learn to cooperate? Something simple, but a lot of fun?

My dear friend, Emily, shared an example of an activity she does with her children. The idea was too good not to share!

She says:

“I was inspired by a flower outside my kitchen window and set up a little scavenger hunt for the kids after school.” 


This was not their first one. Emily does this occasionally, which makes it exciting for the kids—a special treat! 👏👏👏

“Sometimes I'm more creative, and other times I keep it very simple. I used pictures and simpler words today so A could read the list more independently. FYI: all flowers were already on the ground (no pulling out living things). When the kids finish, they get to pick a prize from a prize box I keep in my room. It's filled with dollar store stuff, erasers, putty, and, well, stuff I've taken from their own rooms! 😁”


How cool is that? Nothing fancy, just a lot of fun! ❤️🌿☀️