Meaningful Moments


Let’s think about something... If children are not connected to the environment, why would they ever want to take care of it? 

Every time we walk out the door, nature is there, waiting to be noticed. This complex, natural world surrounds us every single day. It is mind-blowing and magnificent, but how often do we stop and notice it? Even if we’ve got places to be, the few steps from the door to the car or the few seconds as we pull out of the garage are opportunities. Noticing nature is a playful way to increase your children's vocabularies, improve their attention spans, and ignite their imaginations! Listen for bird calls. Name the colors of the blooms you see. Notice the sky, the clouds. Every second of noticing is at least something. 

For more meaningful moments, put up a tree swing! The fresh air has a magical way of calming our senses and restoring our energy. The back and forth motion of a swing and a breeze on the face helps us find our inner peace and brings joy! If that’s not enough, swinging also improves balance and sensory integration. Swinging together, well, I can’t think of a better way to improve a relationship. You can’t help but smile on a swing!