12 Healthy Mindsets to Nurture in your Children (and Yourself!)

True happiness doesn't come easily. It requires lots of practice in shifting our thinking and adjusting our inner thoughts to ones that encourage us and move us forward.

At Homegrown Happiness, we believe there are 12 mindsets that can lead all of us toward a happier life. They are:

accepting SELF-WORTH:
the ability to recognize one's own value or worth as a person

the ability to believe in one's self and one's powers or abilities

exhibiting SELF-CONTROL:
the ability to restrain one’s emotions and actions 

the ability to resist immediate temptation for a later reward

developing PATIENCE:
the ability to tolerate frustration, misfortune or pain without complaint or loss of temper

building RESILIENCE:
the ability to recover readily from adversity 

maintaining RELATIONSHIPS:
the ability to sustain meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and supportiveness 

displaying COMPASSION:
the ability to feel deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune 

acknowledging GRATITUDE:
the ability to appreciate and feel thankful for what one has

radiating OPTIMISM:
the ability to look on the more favorable side of events and expect the most positive outcome

demonstrating CREATIVITY:
the ability to transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful, new ideas

recognizing PURPOSE:
the ability to reach a desired goal for one's self