Nature Time


One of my favorite parts of working with young families is watching them grow closer together. I love to hear stories of how one little tweak improved the quality of their family’s interactions, and I ALWAYS appreciate when they take the time to share their stories with me. Jasmine recently took the time to share her story, and it made me so happy, I wanted to share it here. She said:

“I have to tell you.... the other day I had a long moment of PURE happiness and tranquility, I had not felt in a long time. Any worries or negative thoughts was lifted and put out. I was outside in the morning, in my front yard, determined to tackle my overgrown lawn. I was surrounded by my giant trees, 5 wood peckers, and many other chirping birds. I instinctively took a long pause to take in my surroundings. And it FELT wonderful. Something I hardly do. The air was cool. The rising sun was peeking through the trees. The shadows were beautiful. I love shadows.


I said to myself...If I did this more often, I would experience all the great benefits nature provides. I MUST do this again and again. I MUST do this for Emmanuela. I need to let her explore, learn, and feel that magic!

So I will to make a list of parks and trails to visit. And I'm going to set up breakfast in our driveway under the trees on the weekends. 🤗”

Setting up breakfast under the trees!! Isn’t that a great idea? 

This story reminds me of what Richard Louv says, “We tend to block off many of our senses when we’re staring at a screen. Nature time can literally bring us to our senses.”

Wondering... Is there a simple tweak you can make to your routine that takes you and your family outside for a little Nature Time?