Guide Your Child


Take a minute to think about your good friends. When you choose a friend, do you look for someone who:

•Does not recognize her own value as a person?•Does not believe in himself or his abilities?•Cannot restrain her strong emotions and actions?•Does not feel thankful for what he has?

NO? Then remember that these mindsets and abilities are formed from a very young age and have everything to do with how we choose to discipline our children. TO DISCIPLINE means to teach and to guide, not punish. 

Please guide your children to understand that when they misbehave you still love THEM, even though you do not love their choice or behavior. Don’t brush the misbehavior aside. Address it. Practice what you want to see. Then practice again.  When children act out, they are telling you they haven’t mastered that particular skill yet, whether it be self-control, patience, confidence, etc. They need practice! 

Anyone who wants to get good at something practices. A baseball player practices. A musician practices. A dancer practices. The same goes for children. If you want your child to become good person, help her/him practice!